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Yes! We are already busy preparing the 3rd edition of WATER TREK.

Arriving in Targnon 5 June last, we set off on the push towards the North for 60 new kilometres on the PARCOURS DES RUISSEAUX.

The forests will be the staple of our daily fare, as also the conifers, as also the deciduous trees. And once again we will encounter varied reliefs. The stages will take place in three exemplary places in the Ardenne Bleue: Francorchamps and its racing track, Spa and its natural springs and, finally, Limbourg, one of the Best-Kept Villages in Wallonia and its historic centre.

19 MAY 2018 – TARGNON-FRANCORCHAMPS: you get going at a gentle pace before beginning a long ascent (+ 300 m in six kilometres) through woods and fords. After passing through the estate of Borgoumon and crossing the hameau de Cour, your path then takes you to Andrimont, Chevrouhé and la Hé Stienne, but all this part of the trail, not without its little slopes and slight ups or downs, is finally nothing more than a long descent down to altitude 410. From there on you will have to put your back into it – although perhaps less consistently – for the last 4 kilometres that take you to the village of Francorchamps.

20 MAY 2018 – FRANCORCHAMPS-SPA: we avoid the RAVeL as much as possible since we pass under the motorway before heading towards the little village of Hockai. We are soon back in the woods again, taking the winding rugged road from la Hoëgne to just past the Pont de Belleheid. Then making our way to the Bois Rolin we suddenly find la Hoëgne, before travelling on to les Croupets du Moulin. Crossed by the E42 motorway, to keep moving up to reach the village of Tiège across the meadows. The forest paths then take us to the Lac de Warfaaz, which we pass before travelling on up to Balmoral and the springs of Spa. This will be the longest leg (+/- 22,6 km), but not the most difficult. In any case, the fans will not say otherwise: you can’t miss the promenade de la Hoëgne.

21 MAY 2018 – SPA-LIMBOURG: regular and relatively “horizontal” in its first third, the trail then plunges down towards the old Polleur Bridge and la Hoëgne, after the forests of the North of Spa. After following the river for a few hundred metres, you then have to climb towards the nearby meadows of Jehanster to reach another place well known to country walkers: the cross of Petit-Jean. You are now practically at the culmination, and end of the stage features gentle slopes – sometimes interrupted by one or another outcrop – up to Hèvremont and the old village of Limbourg.

The general elevation of Water Trek 2018

Dénivelé global

Maximum altitude : 562 m

Ascending elevation : 1.297 m

Descending elevation : 1.257 m

Minimum altitude : 190 m

Distance : 64,6 km


Water Trek enjoys the support of the Société Wallonne de Distribution des Eaux (S.W.D.E.).

To that end we suggest that you follows the Gout de la S.W.D.E. along the various stages.

You will find this, for instance, on the signposts set up along the route…

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