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Yes! We are already busy preparing the 4th edition of the WATER TREK.

Arriving in Limbourg on 21 May last, we set off on the push towards the North for another 60 kilometres on the PARCOURS DES VIEILLES PIERRES.

The forests will be the staple of our daily fare, now conifers, now broad-leaf. And, once again, we will experience various reliefs. The stages will be done in three exemplary places in the Ardenne Bleue : Limbourg, one of the Best-Kept Villages in Wallonia and its historic centre, Franchimont with its emblematic château and, finally, Soiron, also mentioned in the lists of Best-Kept Villages in Wallonia. The 2019 edition closes in the Pays de Herve, the Land of Orchards, local products and culinary delights.

08 JUNE 2019 – LIMBOURG-FRANCHIMONT : clearing the historic centre of the village of Limbourg you can look down across the valley of the Vesdre as far as the village of Hèvremont. Carry on through the woods in Stembert and you reach Mangombroux and then Jehanster. Now you begin the descent to Polleur, where you follow the Hoëgne upstream as far as the Château de Franchimont.

09 JUNE 2019 – FRANCHIMONT-CORNESSE : starting from the Château de Franchimont you head down towards Marché to cross the Hoëgne before starting a long upward course to Jevoumont. There you travel through meadows and woods as you head towards Banneux, passing Hodbomont and its château. After a passing through a dense forest, you reach – with some effort – the heights of Tancrémont and its château. This is followed by a long crossing through the woods and the crossing of the stream at the Ford des Trois Bois. After a long descent and taking the Vesdre at Goffontaine, a stiff climb awaits as you press on to the heights of Nessonvaux. The last stretch leading to Cornesse is then easy going.

10 JUNE 2019 – CORNESSE-HERVE : the first part of the 3rd stage takes you to the lovely little village of Soiron from Cornesse. You pass through the meadows to reach the village of Grand-Rechain via Lambermont. You then pass through Wégimont and the Étangs de la Vieille Ferme, and then the little village of José to reach Herve and its Maison du Tourisme.

The general relief of Water Trek 2019


Maximum altitude : m

Ascending elevation :  m

Descending elevation :  m

Minimum altitude : m

Distance : 61,4 km

This year the Water Trek once again offers its new TEAMBUILDING CHALLENGE !

100% Fun & Nature … Max. 18€/pers … photos challenge !

Come and follow the pink signs along the trail :