picto-deplacement-bleu TRANSPORT

The Trek is not a circular route…

So the finish point is different from the start point. Remember this! Whether you do one, two or three stages.

The best solution: Car Sharing
Because public transport stations and stops can be some distance from the finish point …
Because it will help you save time when finishing the stage …
Because you will save energy by sharing your car …
It’s not just conforming, it’s also in the general interest ….
Otherwise, there’s always the bus …
In this case, this year, we are doing it all the other way round.In the morning go to the stage finish point.

A bus will pick you up at 08.00, 08.30, 09.00, 09.30 and 10.30 am and take you to the start point.In this way, when you finish the walk, happy but exhausted, your car is there for you to pick up.And it will only cost you €1

Please note! There is no transport to take you to the start point if you have left your car there.

Shuttle bus journeys:

08/06 : Marché (4910 THEUX) –> Limbourg

09/06 : Cornesse (R. Cornesse F.C. – Rue Bouhais – 4860 PEPINSTER) –> Franchimont

10/06 : Herve (Place de la Gare – 4650 HERVE) –> Cornesse

Parking zones :

08/06 : Marché – wherever

09/06 : Cornesse – wherever

10/06 : Herve – behind the Maison du Tourisme